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Tuesdays, January 4 - February 8, 2022
The Pavilion (Lincoln Park)
Basic Ballroom
(Prerequisite: None)

Learn the Basics of Waltz, Foxtrot, Rhumba, & a "taste" of Swing.  This 'jumpstart' class will get you dancing to several types of music quickly.  A perfect place to get started.  Follow-up with Rhumba I next session.

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm 
Basic Tango
(Prerequisite: None)

American style Tango dance and music is like no other; both are unique.  The dance is earthy and dramatic with movements that go from slow and slithery to sharp and staccato.  You don't want to miss this class; learn the basics of this great sensual dance and then follow-up with Tango I next session.

7:15 pm - 8:15 pm 
All Hustle
(Prerequisite: None)

Hustle, one of the more popular swings, is a great dance for any social occasion; it is fun and easy to learn.  Hustle (swing) to all your disco favorites and to contemporary pop music. 

8:30 pm - 9:30 pm 
Class Fee is only $70.00 per couple for residents; $80.00 per couple for non-residents
Discounts: Retake a class - Save $10.00 / Multi-class - save $5.00
Gift Certificates for that perfect 'Gift'
 To register or for more information Call: Ron & Paula (217) 553-0446
serving Springfield, Illinois & surrounding communities
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