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  • Provide ballroom dance instruction within the American social dance arena, including all the Ballroom Standards, Latins, and Swings. We continue to improve our skills and want to pass that on to you.
  • Provide ballroom dance instruction at the classroom level.
    • In the classroom, we teach Ballroom Standards and Latins, plus Swings and Specialty dances - all American style.
    • In Springfield, we teach at the Nelson Center (Lincoln Park) on Wednesdays
    • We, also, teach in other Central Illinois locations
  • Provide ballroom dance instruction for private and private group classes
    • Private Groups - you pick the dance(s), location, and time
    • Privates - you tell us your needs and we will work with you, one on one, to fulfill your dance goals
  • Specialize in choreography and flashy extras for special events loaded with creativity and innovative lifts, dips, flips, body waves and dancing tricks
    • Wedding Routines - We will design a routine to your "perfect song" that enhances your dance abilities and becomes one of the highlights of your wedding. Do you want your dance to be romantic, flamboyant, exciting, simple, traditional, out-of-the-ordinary, creative - you decide. And, what about the other members of the wedding party?
    • Other Special Events - We will provide the choreography for all types of dance events, both big and small - musicals, plays, parties, reunions, work events, anniversaries ect.

If we can help - please call Ron & Paula at (217) 553-0446 www.RonAndPaulaDance.com

serving Springfield, Illinois & surrounding communities
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