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Private and Private Group Classes

Includes wedding "First Dance" and Wedding Parties

For a gift that lasts a lifetime - Gift Certificates available!!

Instructors: Ron and Paula

Be a part of the Ballroom “dance craze.” Dancing is not only fun but provides both physical and mental health benefits. Through the art of dancing, you will increase your flexibility, strength, and balance. Just as importantly, dance provides a forum for self-expression and creativity and a new self-confidence in your dance abilities will permeate other aspects of your life. Come join the excitement and learn a skill that will last you a lifetime.

Private Groups – you pick the dance(s), location, and time - we will travel to come to you
Privates – you tell us your needs and we will work with you, one on one, to fulfill your dance goals

Wedding Routines – We will design a routine to your “perfect song” that enhances your dance abilities and becomes one of the highlights of your wedding. Do you want your dance to be romantic, flamboyant, exciting, simple, traditional, out-of-the-ordinary, creative – you decide.

And, what about the other members of the wedding party?  (See Weddings Page)

For more information
Call: Ron & Paula (217) 553-0446
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